Stroke Services Continue To Operate in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by on 7 March 2021

The Public Health Agency (PHA) is reminding the public of the importance of seeking urgent medical care if they experience any of the symptoms of stroke and that help is available for those who need medical attention.

A person is at a higher risk of death or disability if they take a stroke, than from COVID-19, if not treated urgently.

A stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate medical attention, so recognising a stroke and calling 999 is crucial. To be most effective, stroke treatments such as thrombolysis (clot dispersal) and thrombectomy (clot removal) must be provided for suitable patients within a defined timeframe.  

Any delays in seeking medical attention could mean that otherwise suitable patients will not benefit from these life changing treatments.

If you think someone is having a stroke, follow the FAST approach:

•           Face – Has it fallen on one side?
•           Arms – Can they raise them?
•           Speech – Is it slurred?
•           Time – make the call immediately, Dial 999

If you notice even one of these signs, no matter how mild, make the call.

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