Coronavirus Updated Guidance

Written by on 23 June 2020

Since 11 June you can meet up to nine other people outdoors who are not from your household but you should maintain social distancing by being at least 2 metres apart.

Social distancing is essential to prevent further waves of the epidemic. You should avoid visiting places such as seaside resorts and popular beauty spots whenever there is a chance that large numbers of people will converge and crowds will form.

From Tuesday 23 June, indoor meetings of up to six people can take place.

Meeting friends and family indoors carries a higher risk than meeting outdoors. If possible, you should continue to arrange meetings with family and friends outdoors.

If you decide to meet indoors you should do so as safely as possible and follow public health advice by:

i) limiting the duration of visits
ii) ensuring good ventilation
iii) maintaining good hand hygiene
iv) practicing social distancing where possible

The use of a face covering is also strongly advised.

Overnight stays are not permitted and those who are medically shielding are strongly advised to continue following the advice that remains in place for that group until the shielding period is paused on 31 July.

The bubble would therefore contain two households forming a single unit, that is the person living on their own and members of the other household, where social distancing between them would no longer be required.

This enables the person who lives alone to visit, stay over and spend more time with the second household. The second household can be of any size.

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